88 and 91 Octane Ethanol Free Gas/ 110 Octane Leaded Racing Gas

January 18, 2013

Thomas Petroleum is pleased to offer Ethanol free gasoline to our customers at our card lock pumps in either 88 or 91 octane unleaded. We also offer E-10 85 octane and a blended fuel of E-5 87 octane, off road diesel and on road diesel at the pump and all fuels are available for sell with pay at the pump with all major credit cards accepted. We also offer VP Racing Fuel 110 octane leaded fuel for off road use and have this available at the pump in several locations. This product contains a fuel stabilizer which is helpful for use in fuels that need good shelf life for storage.

We purchase the Ethanol free gas from Sinclair and other suppliers and expect to have it available for as long as supplies last. This gas provides better performance, power, storage, resistance to moisture and water which makes it an excellent choice for high performance engines to lawn mowers and ATVs.

    Ethanol Free Gas and Racing Gas are available at the following locations:
  • 88 Octane/110 Race Gas 1070 W 200 N, Logan, UT 24/7 pay at the pump.
  • 88 Octane/110 Race Gas 1117 N 400 E, North Salt Lake, UT M-F 7:30am -5:30pm pay at the pump.
  • 88 Octane 825 N 1900 West, Farr West, UT 24/7 pay at the pump.
  • 88 Octane 352 W Main Street, Price, UT 24/7 pay at the pump.
  • 91 Octane 1105 S Hwy 118, Richfield, UT 24/7 pay at the pump.
  • 91 Octane 845 N. Industrial Road, St George, UT pay at the pump.
  • 91 Octane 500 East Oak Street, Pocatello, ID pay at the pump.
  • 91 Octane 1130 University Blvd, Rexburg, ID pay at the pump.